The Artist

Embertwist.com is more or less a outlet for myself personally more than a promotional portfolio. I think it’s important to watch you develop your craft no matter what you do. No one wants to travel the long and winding road of life without some personal progress. Don’t get me wrong, I love commissions and getting idéas thrown at me. It’s just that life is just too short for uninspiring contracts.

Looking back at when I first started to take interest in this field. I was always curious about how the masters became so good at what they’re doing. Most of the people that I’ve come across, including instructors and mentors, they’ve constantly stressed the importance of “mileage”. The concept of mileage is that one can only become proficient at what they do through a series of repetition. In other words, if you draw the same thing over and over again a thousand times you will eventually become good at what you do. I became a huge fan of mileage. So after I first learned the concept, I’m constantly doing more work hoping that it would eventually lead me to becoming the “master artist”.

This is where the journey begins.